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With Budgety, you can buy that dream car and contribute to your child’s college fund! We help you create a customized budget, so you can afford the things that matter most.

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The Key To Financial Freedom

Forget about complicated spreadsheets and frustrating software. If you’ve tried budgeting before and it didn’t work, Budgety is the app for you.

Our system uses your goals to help you plan ahead and stay disciplined. It’s the flexible tool that works in real life. Finally, you can stop worrying about money and start enjoying the things you love.

Effortless Budgeting

Budgety is the personal finance app that makes budgeting simple and effective. Forget about complicated spreadsheets and frustrating software. If you’ve tried budgeting before and it didn’t work, Budgety is the app for you.

Organize Your Finances

Budgety categorizes your expenses and you make it your own. Group transactions, split them into different bins, and take charge of your money.

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Reach Your Goals

Getting ready to buy your first home or planning for early retirement? Budgety is the must-have tool to make those dreams a reality and set money aside for those “what-if” scenarios.

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Become Debt-Free

The Budgety is your secret weapon to pay debt faster. It shows exactly how much extra principal you can afford to pay down and how much you’ll save on interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Do you import transactions from my bank automatically?

Yes. Plus, we make it easy for you to see your spending trends,adjust your habits, and stay on budget.

Do you keep my bank login credentials?

No way! As-if it were 1995. With Budgety, you log in directly with your bank and that login stays between the two of you. The bank sends us the transactions and we do our super smart categorizing magic to keep your budget on track.

Can you help me payoff my debt?

Debt is one of the biggest reasons for budgeting. Budgety’s debt snowball approach helps you get out of this mess for good and never look back. Best of all, you don’t need more income to pay off debt. With us, it’s all about momentum and making the most of your budget.

How do you track spending?

Now you’re asking the right questions! We use AI to categorize your transactions. This saves tons of time and makes budgeting a breeze. When you know what you’re spending on, you can also make better decisions and focus on setting goals.

Is this for kids and teens? 

Absolutely Y-E-S!! Starting kids off on the right track is key to their financial future. No bank account? No worries! You can track a virtual account for your kiddos, set goals, pay allowances, and more.

Proven to Help You Achieve your goals

Amy C.
“I wanted to start my small business, but I needed transportation and equipment. I was also worried about paying my student loans. Thanks to Budgety, all of those plans are in motion and I even started to save up a small down payment on a house!”
Nick U.
“Careless spending was cutting into our family lifestyle. With this app, my wife and I stopped fighting. Our finances are finally on the same page and we are now a stronger couple.”
Imani M.
“I had $65,000 on credit card debt and was living paycheck to paycheck and thinking about bankruptcy. Budgety changed everything for me. It gave me hope and a plan. For the first time in my life, I even have an emergency fund.”

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